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Skort Obsession Customized Skorts

Get the Perfect Look for Your Group!

Custom skorts have gained traction due to their versatility and combination of fashion and functionality. Whether you are part of a sports team or organizing an event, custom skorts offer a winning combination of style and comfort.

Skorts are not limited to athletic teams. They have become a popular choice for various events, such as charity runs, corporate outings, and even social gatherings. Imagine your team participating in a charity run, all wearing custom skorts with your team logo proudly displayed.
Not only will you look stylish, but you will also stand out from the crowd and create a sense of unity.

Stand Out with Skort Obsession’s Custom Prints
Great for teams, businesses, events and more

What’s included...
Close collaboration with your designer throughout the project
One-of-a-kind design you can’t get anywhere else
Your design idea on a Skort Obsession product
2 design options to choose from
2 rounds of revisions*
* Extra revision pricing based on your unique design needs
(Don’t worry we’ll keep you posted no surprise costs!)

What we need from you...
Your bright ideas!

12 Skort Minimum Order
Please allow 4 - 6 week delivery time after artwork is approved.

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