Ladies Golf Skorts

Here’s How Ladies’ Golf Skorts Have Evolved

A ladies’ golf skort is a sporting wear popularly worn by women golfers. According to Wikipedia, golf skorts were initially called "trouser skirts" because the dress takes the form of a skirt and a trouser. Women’s Skorts allow for free and easy movement of the players, giving them the grace and determination needed to succeed and at the same time maintaining the skirt ideology for women.

Over the decades, there have been rapid changes to golf skorts and women’s golf gear. We have witnessed that ladies' golf skorts have evolved from long and uncomfortable skirts used in the 1900s to the short, comfortable skort with beautiful designs adapted now for most athletic activities. 


Here’s How Ladies’ Golf Skorts Have Evolved


Women’s Golf Gear: In The ‘50s

The liberation period for women to wear skirts above the ankle began in the 50s. Compared to the ankle-length skirts worn for golf before the ‘50s, the above ankle skirts provide a little mobility to women golfers. The skirts were worn with cashmere sweaters and, during warmer seasons, were worn with sleeveless blouses.


In The ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s

In the ‘60s, bold colors and patterns were introduced to women's golf gear. However, when the length of the skirts was reduced, the functionality of the golfers increased.

In the ‘70s, slacks were introduced. Slack is a trouser pant with a flare at the ankle, maintaining the feminine style for women. They were made in bright colors, so it was not uncommon to see a golfer appear in yellow or red-colored slacks during those times.

High-waisted pants accompanied with sleek belts for waistlines were the usuals for the women on the golf course during the ‘80s.


From The ‘90s to Present

Khakis were introduced into women’s golf gear in the ‘90s. In the early decades, the flashy appearance of skirts was replaced with classic pleated khakis, matched with polo tops.

In the early 20th century, the golf dress evolved into a more comfortable skirt that is less sticking and allows golfers to perform well. Presently, skorts with stretchy fabrics are in fashion, allowing for easy transitioning on the golf field.


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