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Breast Cancer Awareness & Support from Skort Obsession

In the gentle rustle of a skort, there is a whisper—a subtle yet persistent declaration of support and solidarity from us at Skort Obsession this October. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a global movement that cascades through our communities, touching the lives of many, from survivors and warriors to families and supporters. 

As we navigate through the lush and lively fall, the pervasive pink ribbon symbol becomes a beacon of hope, strength, and unyielding support for breast cancer survivors.

In step with this potent movement, we at Skort Obsession intertwine our passion for fashion with a pivotal cause, melding both to foster a network of encouragement and financial backing. 

This is where our exclusive Breast Cancer Awareness Skort Collection takes centerstage, transforming our beloved activewear skorts into a vibrant message of support and activism.

For every skort we sell from our Breast cancer awareness collection, we donate $5 to help raise money for the breast cancer research foundation through 'PLAY for P.I.N.K.'

Support with Style, Make Each Skort Count

Embrace your steps with purpose, knowing that each piece from our special collection not only envelops you in unique, stylish comfort but also becomes a significant stride towards making a difference. 

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, highlighted below, is specially designed to embody a message of love, resilience, and unity:


skorts for women
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Cure Breast Cancer White Skort 

A symbol of purity and hope, our white skort whispers the gentle yet firm resolution to find a cure. An emblem of collective strength and individual fortitude, this piece underscores the serene stability of unwavering support.

Shop our Cure Breast Cancer White Skort Here.

Cure Breast Cancer Black Skort

Steeped in a classic black, this skort interweaves a timeless appeal with our ardent mission. It's more than a fashion statement; it's a bold proclamation of our shared journey towards a cure.

Buy our Cure Breast Cancer Black Skort Here.

New Life Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Skort 

Adorning you in a Pink skort, the New Life variant is embroidered with delicate yet potent symbols of revival, recovery, and renewed hope. Nothing feels more chic than a pink skort for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Buy Here.

New Life Black Breast Cancer Awareness Skort

Introducing the New Life Black Breast Cancer Awareness Skort - a piece that symbolizes rebirth, hope, and the indomitable spirit of every woman. Every thread intertwines resilience with style, crafting a wear that goes beyond the aesthetic. 

Tops To Wear With Skorts

Pair these best skorts with our soft, supportive crew neck tops, quarter zip tops, and polo quarter zip tops. 

This will create a synergistic look that combines style and solidarity. Whether you wear skorts every day or save them for your special moments on the court, you're sure to support Breast Cancer!

Join the Movement, PLAY for P.I.N.K.

For every skort for women sold from this collection, we are committed to donating $5 through 'PLAY for P.I.N.K.' - the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

This initiative seamlessly marries the love for sport with the imperative to propel research forward. Explore our range of skorts women can wear with pride and style, knowing they support a noble cause.

Wrapping You in Love and Solidarity

From women's fashion skorts to women's everyday skorts of diverse designs and empowering motifs, Skort Obsession curates collections that serve as much more than mere pickleball outfits or fun golf skorts. 

Our skorts are a symbol, a voice, and a tangible contribution towards a much larger movement.

In addition, our pickleball outfits for women and pull-on skorts ensure ease and comfort and enable you to explore what to wear with a skort for various occasions and sporting events. 

Perhaps consider pairing our tops for skorts with our range of cute pickleball outfits and make your sporty ensemble speak volumes about your support for breast cancer awareness.

Thank you for standing with us, weaving your strength into this collective tapestry of hope, and choosing Skort Obsession. Let's tread forward, intertwined in support, and make every step count in this crucial journey towards a cure.

Buy Skorts Today: Support Breast Cancer!

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