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Skort Obsession’s Top Skort Apparel's New Release Options!

Skorts are so cute! They have become a staple in most wardrobes nowadays, and they offer the convenience of a skirt and shorts at the same time. The one thing you no longer have to worry about is balancing comfort and cuteness as currently, there are new skorts apparel releases by Skort Obsession, that offer you both comfort and style.

Skorts for women from Skort Obsession’s online store are extremely fashionable and can make great and fancy outdoor outfits. If you’re interested in hopping on the skort trend, here’s a list of our hottest skorts for ladies for fall 2022.


The Big Bang

This skort is one of our ultimate faves. It is wrinkle-free and has soft durable 4-way stretch material with ultimate fine smooth texture. It’s perfect for hot weather.

Ladies' skorts with pockets are everything! Big Bang Skort has two hidden pockets on shorts legs and two prints that complement each other. Perfect for playing sports such as golf or tennis.


Desert Rose

This skort has a colorful all-over print that is eye-catching and flattering. The skirt and built-in short fabrics have two prints that complement each other and two versatile pockets, giving you both style and comfort. 

This skort is a must-have, so head on to Skort Obsession for Desert Rose and other skorts for women.



This skort is perfect for outdoor sports like golf, tennis and pickleball as well as staying indoors and relaxing on the couch. Skorts for all events with high versatility are the best skorts and Fiesta Skort gives you just that.

You can grab a variety of skorts from our website at Skort Obsession.


Let’s Face It

This skort adds a unique twist to your wardrobe. It is made of soft and durable material with a fine smooth texture. Moreover, it is easy to wash and is wrinkle-free, making it one of the best skorts for women. Let’s Face It you can wear skorts anywhere.



This skort brings together color and comfort. It has vibrant stripes that are chic and easy to pair with any other accessories.

This skort is every woman’s dream because it has durable material with a fine smooth texture. Grab your very own Matrix Skort from our collection at Skort Obsession. We have the best ladies’ skorts with pockets.


Midnight Blossoms

This skort is Polyester/Spandex and true to its size. It comes in various sizes and is a pull on style, no zippers or buttons and is great for the outdoors. Midnight Blossoms is the perfect skort to wear at any event.


Sassy Snake

This skort is among the hottest new skorts for ladies this season. It has two snake prints that complement each other, deep blue and black. Sassy Snake Skorts are unique and best paired with block color tops.


Sunshine State

If you are looking for the best skorts for women, then our Sunshine State Florida Style Skort Print design will give you just that. This specific skorts print is made of a durable and soft 4-way stretch material with the most amazing smooth texture. 

You can  wash it up in a flash, and it is the hottest new skorts for ladies, ideal for evening and everyday wear. It is full of built-in short fabrics and two prints that complement each other, including two deep pockets for your smartphone. 

This is a fun, comfortable, and oh so fashionable skort just for you!


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If you are looking for the best skort apparel new releases ahead of everyone else, Skort Obsession online store has the latest designs for 2022.

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